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Soft Homemade Burger Buns !

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Soft Homemade Burger Buns !

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 Soft Homemade Burger Buns Recipe, that can be prepared with stand mixer easy and fast.

Mix all ingredients and leave in the fridge for 20 minutes so the dough rest before the rising process.

This dose is for 10 buns, but you can double it and bake more of them, or freeze and use them when you need.

This buns have airy structure with amazing flavor and smell when are baked. I love to add sesame seeds and black seeds at the top, but you can topped only with sesame seeds or make them as you prefer.

Perfect buns recipe for hamburgers, many breakfast ideas or you can enjoy in they flavor only, because they are adorable and so tasty, trust me you gonna love them 🙂

Baking time is from 10 to 13 minutes on 190 degrees and every bun dough is around 80 grams


Follow all details preparation below.


Ingredients :

– For 10 buns


180 ml cold milk

50 grams egg(one egg)

70 ml cold water

420 grams flour

50 grams sugar

7 grams salt

6 grams dry yeast

30 grams butter (room temperature, around 20 celsius)



Note: Milk and water for this recipe need to be cold, and the water is added half in the beginning and gradually when start mixing the dough.

Im using stand mixer but also the dough can be knead by hand until soft.

Add all ingedients into a bowl, or one egg, cold milk, sugar, salt, 1/2 cold water and the flour.

Then mix all the ingredients with hand mixer until combine, shortly on medium speed.

When all ingredients are combined, add the dry yeast and mix for few seconds.

The dough don’t need to be fine. Cover with foil and add in the freezer for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, mix this dough on high speed for 5 minutes until soft.

Than add the butter on room temperature. Mix again for 6 till seven minutes on medium speed, and you are finished.

Transfer this dough into oiled bowl and cover with foil. Leave it on room temperature to rise double of size or more, from 60 till 90 minutes to be perfect.

This dough will not collapse, and you can check with making hole in the middle with your finger.

Divide the dough into 10 pieces, use a scale to make same size. Every bun need to be around 80 grams.

Then shape it every bun without air bubbles inside so they can be smooth.

Transfer them into a baking pan and leave it to rise for second time for 45 minutes.

They need space in between bot to touch to have lovely shape.

After rising brush them with egg white and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Bake in preheated oven on 190 degrees for 10 till 13 minutes.


I wish bon appetite to you.

Hope you gonna like it this recipe:)





Every bun dough is around 80 grams


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