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Milk Loaf, No Knead ! Soft, Light Homemade Bread!

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Milk Loaf, No Knead ! Soft, Light Homemade Bread!

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The milk bread has a delicate and soft structure, with a subtly mild taste that, even to the touch, differs from the rest by its softness and airiness. Milk type of bread is one of the children’s favorites, it is ideal for toasts and sandwiches and it simply melts in your mouth.
 It is best cut into thin slices, and is perfectly complemented with soft butter and jam.
 The difference between Milk Bread and traditional types of bread is in the only liquid used, which is milk, while in other types it is water.
Also, most of other types of bread do not use egg in the dough, while in milk bread, an egg can be added, which additionally gives the bread a richer taste.
This Milk Loaf Recipe is so easy and without kneading, just shaping before baking. Baking temperature for this bread is medium temperature of 170 degrees.
 Ingredients and Preparation
 390 grams white bread flour
 255 grams of lukewarm milk (40 degrees)
 7 grams of dry yeast
 15 grams of softened butter at room temperature (1 tablespoon)
 1 egg (medium size)
 25 grams of sugar
 8 grams of salt (1 tablespoon)
 Mix the flour with the salt in a separate bowl.  In a separate bowl, add the lukewarm milk and sugar and stir to dissolve the sugar.  Then add the beaten egg and dry yeast.  Mix briefly and leave for five minutes to activate the yeast.  The yeast is active and good if it bubbles.  At the end, add the butter, mix all the ingredients so the butter dissolve and then mix them with the flour.
Mix the ingredients with a wooden spoon until the flour is absorbed, cover the bowl with foil and let the dough rise at room temperature for 1 hour.  A nice room temperature of around 25 degrees helps it grow faster.
 After an hour, take the dough out on a floured surface, sprinkle it with a little flour on top, and stretch it into a round shape with your fingers, from the ends bend it inward to shape it into a ball.  Then coat it with a little oil and cover it with foil to rest and relax for about 10 minutes.
Do not add flour at the end, just shape it into a mold shape. If you are using a rectangular mold, shape the bread like a sausage and press the ends to stick nicely than place it in a greased mold with oil, butter or lard as desired.
 Cover the bread with a cloth and let it rise nicely and double in volume before baking.  The time required for final growth is from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.  Heat the oven to 170 degrees and before baking, sprinkle some flour on the top.
 Bake for 30 minutes, after baking take it out of the mold and cover it with a towel.
With cooling it will became more soft and sponge.
From flour to bread, the time required with one shaping and two risings of the dough is about 2 hours.
Enjoy the taste and Have a good appetite.
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Млечен Леб без Месење! Мек и Вкусен! Идеален за Тост !
Хранливо Лепче од Семиња и Овес со Мед! Без Месење!
Млечен Леб без Месење! Мек и Вкусен! Идеален за Тост !
Хранливо Лепче од Семиња и Овес со Мед! Без Месење!

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