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Homemade Pasta Recipe ! Tarana and Jufki – Macedonian Pasta !

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Homemade Pasta Recipe ! Tarana and Jufki – Macedonian Pasta !

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Delicious homemade pasta prepared according to my grandmother’s recipe with a rich taste of milk and a beautiful yellow color if you prepare it from homemade eggs.

 You need a little patience and a good mood to enjoy their preparation.  Drying can be in the sun or at room temperature in a draft on a hot day, taking anywhere from a few hours to a day. The next day you can already fill in a jars and store them in a dry place without moisture.

 You can use a grater to prepare tarana, while rolling with a rolling pin is required for jufki.

Macedonian pasta is similar to many other pastas that are prepared in the world, with its own uniqueness in shape and taste. You can prepare them with eggs and milk, only with eggs or only with flour.  I learned my version of preparation from my grandmother and mother, and the taste that can be a habit appeals to me the most in the way they prepare it, so I am sharing their recipe.

 I remember that my grandmother did not have a grater during the period when she prepared the tarana, so she made it on a “dramonj “(with larger holes), or in that period they used a sieve, “resheto” and “dramonj”.  They prepared larger quantities and therefore this suited them for larger quantity and faster preparation.  They dried them exclusively in the sun and in a few hours the pasta was ready. Beautiful memories that are still in my memory 🙂

From one kilogram of flour you can prepare almost two full jars, enough for many meals. The small “tarana” is ideal for preparing soups and delicious stews especially on winter days to keep you warm, while the “jufki” can be a really tasty breakfast with soft white cheese, mozzarella or parmesan with some tomatoes and fresh leaves of basil.

 From simple ingredients to delicious meals.

 Recipe and Details

 1 kg of flour

 200 ml of milk

 6 eggs and 1 tsp of salt

 Add salt to the sifted flour.  Beat the eggs together with the milk and add them to the flour.  You can use a larger bowl or on a workbench of choice. Knead until the flour is completely absorbed and make a ball.  Knead for about 5 to 10 minutes until you get a smooth, uniform dough and coat the surface with oil. Wrap it with plastic foil and let it rest for a while, ten minutes. Then divide the mixture into two halves, one for jufki and the other for preparing tarana. To make it easier to roll thin crusts, divide the dough into smaller pieces. When you prepare leave the thinly rolled doughs to dry on kitchen paper or a sheet. Crush them into small pieces when they are dry.

From the second half, prepare the tarana, by cutting the dough into smaller pieces. To make it easier to roll, sprinkle the dough with flour and the grater more often.

Flour the small pieces well so they don’t stick to each other, then sift the excess flour through a sieve. Leave them to dry nicely spread out, so they don’t stick to each other.

Drying in the sun is best, but if you dry them inside, check them from time to time and stir them several times so that they dry well. 

Finally, transfer them to dry, clean jars with piece of kitchen paper to absorb the moisture. It is best not to fill them in jars if you are not sure if they are completely dried so that they do not darken or develop mold.

 I wish you a good appetite and many delicious meals!


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Школки во бело вино! Како да ги исчистите и подготвите!

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